Control systems and autonomous driving


The automotive sector is moving faster and faster towards driving automation that only a few years ago seemed unthinkable.

As a corollary of the most well-known control systems, such as ABS, Cruise Control, Land Keeping, Addfor has developed products that help the driver both in extreme maneuvers and in improving driving performance: products that have already been integrated for years on cars present on the market.
In the first case, we are talking about the SSE, an algorithm that estimates the vehicle’s drift angle in real time: starting from sensors placed on the car, it integrates in an important way the control systems of the car itself.

Moreover, thanks also to the long experience in world motorsport, Addfor has developed an application able to use the standard sensors present on vehicles to analyze the driving style of the driver, recognizing critical situations and providing explicit suggestions to improve safety on the road and the performance of sporty driving on the track.