Addfor introduce Sybille® in Udine



On 18th and 19th of May the “ZERO PROTOTYPES Summit 2022” event was held in Udine, at the VI-grade SimCenter headquarters, in which the leading companies in the automotive sector met, finally in person after two years of remote events, to share their experiences, research and developments deriving from the use of driving simulators and hardware-in-the-loop technology.

Addfor, in collaboration with Danisi Engineering and Meccanica 42 has launched Sybille®, a unique and innovative application.
Presented by Marco Fainello, Sybille® uses the virtual sensor technique to forecast the value of a signal in advance and cancel transmission delay times, making communication, through normal internet connections and even via LTE / 4G mobile connection, robust and instantaneous.

This is an extremely innovative enabling technology that has already been used for years within Addfor’s controls and can find various applications.
It is possible to connect test benches over a long distance in real time by creating remote hardware-in-the-loop; or use cloud based Software as a Service in real-time, making sure that the system or component supplier makes the results of their simulation available as a real-time service without the need to transfer and train customer staff or share IP protected assets.

Although the structure is common, the algorithm is identified, trained and optimized for every specific application in order to improve a robust connection by eliminating the accumulated latencies in communications.

The demonstration of Sybille®’s operation, which saw connected an HiL steering bench positioned at Danisi Engineering in Turin operated by a desktop simulation station located at VI-Grade in Udine over 500 km away, aroused great interest and curiosity by technicians and experts from all over the world.