Use of h264/h265 motion vectors as object motion estimation




AVC  and HEVC two of the most used codecs in video industry internally uses intra and extra frame motion vectors in order to achieve a better compression.

A very recurring task in computer vision is motion detection and a lot of solutions are already been given. Most of these solutions are very heavy on the underling hardware. Hence it will be very intresting to undestand if (and how) we can exploit these information that are already in the video stream to achieve similar results.

Planned Activities

  1.  Research of literature about state of the art motion estimation algorithm in video analysis;
  2.  Comparison between the algorithms found in phase 1) and mpeg motion vectors;
  3.  Identification of an algorithm for motion estimation starting from mpeg motion vectors.

Duration of this Project: 5-6 months.

Who we’re looking for

Students that are about to get their master degree in: mathematics, physics, computer science, mathematical engineering, computer engineering, physics of complex systems.

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