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Energy – Environment – Agriculture

Smart HVAC Systems

We design software to Optimize Energy and Comfort in Commercial Buildings using advanced models, building can optimize the energy usage as well as comfort levels. Sensors collect continuous data from the field, along with weather data, are integrated into advanced algorithms which enable optimal set-point selection and control of HVAC equipment in the field. Comfort levels are maintained.


Load Disaggregation

The Load Disaggregation algorithms calculate the energy consumption relative to each appliance from the aggregated data read from a single energy meter. Our algorithms work in the most common cases where only few disaggregated examples are available.


Energy efficiency benchmarking

Energy management requires identifying efficiency opportunities which have also financial returns. We combine energy meter data, and building information (location, weather, size, use) in order for our algorithms to identify patterns associated to energy efficiency opportunities. We are able to classify these and estimate the value in order to allow data-driven approach for energy management


Virtual Flow Metering

Virtual flow Meters are software algorithms that estimate the flow measure by combining the data measured from other available sensors. They can be used both to continuously check the health status of the physical flow meters or to replace / integrate the physical sensors in flow assurance applications.


River Flood Forecasting

Flood forecasting and an early warning system is an important tool to give appropriate reliable information of the incoming flood to the community. Traditional statistical methods and deterministic type models (Local Approximation) are common methods adopted for this kind of task. We can provide an alternative NARMAX and RNN (Recurrent Neural Network approach) to integrate the existing models.


Marine Wave Nowcasting

Wind and wave forecasting is a key aspect to support operations in the Offshore Oil & Gas development. Very short term prediction of waves at the vessel location is fundamental to improve the safety of critical marine operations, such as heavy lifting and subsea installations. In particular we developed a reliable wave nowcasting algorithm for station keeping by Dynamic Positioning (DP) during pipeline installation.


Energy Use in Building and Industrial Sites

The thermal management of buildings can be improved in several ways: dynamic thermostats set-points, performance indicators, diagnostics and optimal control of HVACs. Our algorithms can create an accurate thermodynamic model of the building by using just the historical data.