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Why Join The Navy If You Can Be A Pirate?

Basic Rules (Sorry To Be Very Direct But Clarity Is Important For Us)

  • We are looking for excellent Data Engineers to develop the next generation of intelligent machines
  • If you are looking for a career in a structured company to climb the hierarchy using politics THIS IS NOT THE RIGHT COMPANY FOR YOU.
  • If you are interested in developing specific skills on a limited set of technologies and to be recognized for it, THIS IS NOT THE RIGHT COMPANY FOR YOU.
  • If you do not care to grow, change, understand, develop, and if you’re afraid of getting involved, THIS IS NOT THE RIGHT COMPANY FOR YOU.
  • If you don’t want to be confined to a specific role, you are not afraid to be exposed and take risks, if it’s the curiosity that drives you forward and you are looking for an opportunity to create something important for your future and you want to be provided with the technological means to do so, well, you’re looking for something special: GO ON AND KEEP READING!

Who Are We Looking For?

You must have a SOLID BASE IN COMPUTER SCIENCE: whatever is your level of theoretical preparation, if you cannot translate what you know in CODE, you cannot be integrated into our group.

We require a strong experience in some programming language. Usually we work with PYTHON and C / C ++ but we know that if you are good in other languages you can learn quickly. So even JAVA, Objective-C or GO are fine. You must be ANALYTICALLY SMART, you have to FEEL the numbers, understand and create complex graphics, you must have the predisposition to search for the meaning hidden in the data. You must be the type of person who spends his weekends and nights to create something practical.

You must be an eternal curious, spending your time in redesign your software, your home, your life.

You must be a person who does not accept the status quo, the person who ask questions, solve problems. You are not afraid of failure because you know that in every failure you can find an opportunity to grow. You don’t wait for someone to tell you what to do, you have a sense of initiative.

You have a dream and this dream is not to work 8 hours a day waiting for the weekend.

What Can You Expect From Us?

Your merit will be determined by the quality of your ideas and your work. You will have the most advanced tools that we can provide. We’ll give you responsibility and freedom to choose. We will always ask you to express your opinion. We will keep your objectives clear and the rules loose.

Do you think you are the right person?

Send us a message, say something about yourself and about your expectations. Be yourself. Surprise us. Tell us how to contact you: we’ll call you back.

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