Our Success: Combinatorial Innovation

Today’s Artificial Intelligence technologies are reaching or in some cases, surpassing, human capabilities in many applications that only a few years ago were considered impossible to automate.

This is made possible thanks to an approach that we call “COMBINATORIAL INNOVATION“.

We are organized into two divisions:

The first division is the R&D department that is responsible for identifying, evaluating and reviewing all the most advanced Artificial Intelligence algorithms made available from world’s leading research centers, universities and companies (ex: Facebook, Google …).

Our second division, has an application focus: to industrialize the chosen technologies to meet the specific customers needs.

In order to deliver robust end-to-end integrated solution, we have finalized strategic partnerships with leading hardware manufacturing companies and suppliers: Altran, VI-Grade, NVIDIA and IBM.

Strategy and planning

“No Plan Survives Contact With the Enemy” – Helmuth Karl Bernhard Graf von Moltke (GermanField Marshal)

We accept uncertainty as a part of our process.
We have a technology vision, medium and long term plans. At the same time we understand that it will change as we progress and discover new things about the products and market.
We believe that it’s more important to lead the market, create new products and partnerships that trying to fight competitors.
Our competitive vision is bases on the concept of dynamic and fast growth.
We believe that it’s more important to share ideas than protecting our IP (Intellectual Property) with patents.

Technology Vision

“The future is already here — it’s just not very evenly distributed” – William Gibson (Fiction Novelist)

  • We think that the strength of our products and our services and our competitive advantage are based on TECHNICAL INNOVATION.
  • While most other companies just say that they do innovate, we really strive to do innovation and invest real money in it.
  • Most of our process are based on COMBINATORIAL INNOVATION: when available we use existing (Open Source) software libraries, services and APIs and combine it together to create new products. Otherwise we write software components from scratch. This approach gives us efficiency and effectiveness.
  • We believe in OPEN SOURCE because we prefer to invest in people rather than in software licenses.

Economical Resources

  • We pay special attention to cashflow and liquidity. This allows us to invest rapidly in markets and business that can provide innovative solutions or strategic opportunities.
  • Moreover the economic response to our suppliers, which is almost immediate and regular, makes our suppliers turn into partners, guaranteeing us the best prices and quality.


  • We have been lucky to recruit excellent people so far and to keep them.
  • Our goal is to keep on hiring the best people we can find, without compromise.
  • We also believe that work should be challenging. This is why we ask the newcomers to work from the beginning on important projects.
  • Most important of all, we want to maintain the excitement, that everybody shares in our company, of coming to work every day to do something amazingly great.