Automotive & Trasportation

Visual Grip Estimator – VGE

Software using single images of the road in front of the car to recognizee the category of road surface and estimate the level of grip.
Trained and validated with 400K images, il shows 96% accuracy in daylight and 88% with night conditions.


It is an application able to create a real-time value forecast of a signal in order to reduce or delete the transmission delay time or anticipate the control actuation. Although the structure is common, the algorithm is identified, trained and optimized for every specific application in order to improve the balance between accuracy and forecast lead time.

Tire Wear Analysis

Addfor has developed a solution integrating engineering and Machine learning techniques to supply tire wear estimation using standard on board sensors availed in all vehicles. This solution is available for fleet management, tire supply services, road safety analysis.

Tire Depth Detector

Smart phone’s application that uses the three-dimensional camera to detect the measurement of the tread depth, automatically associating it with the vehicle data and the kilometers traveled. This app can keep tire wear under control in a simple and unique way.

Tracking Coaching

Thanks to the long and broad the experience accumulated at the highest levels of world motosport, Addfor has developed a solution able to use standard vehicle sensors to analyze the driver’s style, recognize critical situations and supply explicit suggestion to improve safety on the road and sportive driving performance on track.

Sideslip Angle Estimator (SSE)

Sideslip Angle Estimator is an algorithm developed by Addfor for real time estimation of the Drifting Angle of a Vehicle.
Also known as “Beta” or “Drifting” angle, the Sideslip is the angle between the longitudinal axis of the vehicle and its speed direction. This angle cannot be measured with standard sensors, but it is fundamental for modern Traction Control System of the vehicle.
For several years Addfor has been supplying well-known car manufactures with an estimator based on Deep Learning technology whose performance for precision, robustness and absence of delay exceeds the classic approaches based on Kalman filters and observers.

Performance Traction Control (PTC)

The Performance Traction Control is an algorithm developed by Addfor to maximize the vehicle’s performance in every driving condition, which ensures the maximum acceleration available in exiting the turns.
Using the Side Slip Estimator, PTC is able to considerably increase the vehicle’s margins stability even in extreme conditions and on any level of grip, leaving the driver with the pleasure of keeping the vehicle control at all time.

High Precision Speed Estimator (HPSE)

The High Precision Speed Estimator is an algorithm developed by Addfor to estimate the speed of a car with high precision in every use and grip conditions, even in the presence of four-wheel drive, rear steering and at extreme maximum speeds.
HPSE uses algorithms that integrate reference models of Machine Learning guaranteeing a higher level of accuracy and robustness than the methods that traditionally use wheel speed, accelerometers and GPS.
The level of precision and the absence of delay allow the use of the signal in accurate tire slip controls and in specific diagnostic analyses , such as the variation of the rolling radius of the tires and the estimation of their pressure.


Our team of data scientists and engineers is available for any request for further information on the solutions and products developed