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Artificial Intelligence

Artificial Intelligence and Signal Processing

Artificial Intelligence on Industrial Systems monitors health parameters, predicts system outputs and incoming failures. It can be used to support the preventive maintenance operations by detecting typical patterns in operating data.

We built custom Artificial Narrow Intelligence (ANI) solutions which connects to the available data, applying a learning model, to find valuable informations. A typical Industrial Application are the Virtual Sensors.

Virtual Sensors are software algorithms that calculate a value (typically a sensor reading, the property of a product or a system state) that can’t be measured directly with a physical device for many reasons. In the most common situation the physical device is too expensive, unreliable, can’t be installed in the correct position or simply doesn’t exist. 

A Virtual Sensor works by correlating the measurements of the available physical sensors to find the unknown value with the requested precision. It produces both Real-Time or future (predicted) values.


1.Operational Expenses Reduction: less maintenance and shutdowns

2.Product and Process Innovation: new features and better quality

3.Switch from Fixed to Recurrent Costs

AI Industrial Application

Manufacturing - Industry 4.0

IoT - Connected Device

Automotive and Transportation

Energy - Environment - Agriculture

Aerospace & Defence

Broadcasting & Security

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