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AI With The Best is a full weekend online tech conference for developers featuring some of the world’s top AI technology experts, including Peter Norvig, Dennis Mortensen, Laurence Wong from Netflix, and more. AI enthusiasts and hardcore developers can connect with the most disruptive engineers, researchers, and entrepreneurs. Enjoy the world’s top AI CEO’s, CTO’s, Architects, Researchers and Developers right in the comfort of your home.

Every speaker will have a 30-minute tech talk, followed by a 20-minute Q&A for your questions. Do you want that you must talk to? Book a 1-to-1 session!

Not available on that day? No worries! You’ll have access to all the talks for 2 months after the conference.

On September 24th at 10.40 a.m. (EDT Time zone), we will also partecipate with the Addfor‘s speakers CTO Enrico Busto & Data Scientist Matteo Zola: “AI + Engineering: from Physical to Virtual Sensors using Deep Learning”.

In the recent past Deep Learning was picked-up very quickly by the main internet companies (Facebook, Google etcetera) in the space of few months, now the same thing is happening for the industrial applications.

We are seeing huge business opportunities to develop Vertical Application for the Industrial Market. Our focal point is to combine Deep Learning and Machine Learning to the Engineering field.

We developed the fist application few years ago for an important Italian Carmaker: their traditional technological suppliers couldn’t satisfy their requirements because they approached the problem with the standard engineering workflow based on system modeling and signal processing.

We took the challenge by applying some advanced Machine Learning techniques to the sensors signals and in just two months we delivered the first system that fully satisfied the customer’s requirements.

From that first Virtual Sensor we improved the algorithms and managed to reach many more Automotive Customers.

Now that we are expanding the market to the more general world of IoT and Industry 4.0 we understand that most companies are looking to vertical applications but they do not find any answer from their traditional partners.

In just few month we acquired new customers in the field of renewable energy and energy services, Smart Devices, Smart Cities and Manufacturing.

What allows us to have such a big impact on the market and effectiveness on task is our approach based on the concept of Combinatorial Innovation: we base our development on the most performing Open Source libraries like NervanaNeon or TensorFlow and integrate the Data Analysis capabilities with our engineering knowledge.

In this demonstration we will show some code with suggestions and hints specifically directed to the Signal Processing applications.

ONLY FOR OUR MEETUP MEMBERS, By the follow link you can book a ticket discount to your participation at AI With The Best:

We wait you on 24th September in live streaming for Ai With The Best!

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